Crashio SA-1

 Sound examples (mp3):

  pushbutton glitch
  CasioNuts (frogs and fish) 1,6Mb
    A silly ditty based on a Crashio SA-1 loop.
Other instruments: Crashio SA-21 (crash in ending),
Casio Rapman (bass), Casio CZ-1 ('frog' lead).
All other sound SA-1.

Crashio SA-1

Casio SA-1 minikeyboard featuring 100 pcm-sounds, 20 rhythms, 13 "super accompaniments"' and one demosong. Line-out mini jack on the backpanel. The original on/off-switch was broken so I substituted a new one.

Circuit bends:

Voltage Drop trimmer. When delicately trimmed to a 'sweet point' you can get short recoverable crashings when playing the keyboard. (like on the Crashio SA-21)

Distortion. A moderate distortion.

Touch Points. Touching brass knobs triggers glitches or soundchanges like drone tones or noise. Most reactive when the instrument is already in a glitching/looping state. One of the touch points is connected through a pushbutton, enabling you to make a very brief connection while having maximal contact between the finger and the touch point.

Glitch button with trimmer. Triggers glitching/loops when the button is pushed. The trimmer regulates the effect from moderate, where the effect only takes place while the button is held down, to drastic, where even a short push sends the Crashio into wild glitches/loops (or crashes it completely)

Reset button. Disconnects the power when held down, and resets the Crashio after a total crash. (which are quite common)